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About Kainos...

Kainos Enterprises serves other evangelical Christian organizations, missions, denominations and churches. We specialize in assisting in church planting and finding financial contributors by helping complete personal contacts. Our main focus in on Canada, however, we help people and agencies in the US as well ...

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Truth Unlocked

We are pleased to partner with our friends at Talon Productions to facilitate putting a copy of the Truth Unlocked DVDs into the hands of every church leader in North America. This is an exciting intensive program to raise donations from donors large and small because everyone needs to see these great videos. Click on the image below to read about it! Then contact Gary Carter at 905-230-8116 or garyvcarter@kainos.org to facilitate your tax deductable donation.

Truth Unlocked
Church Creation

We partner with others to bring state of the art technologies and approaches to the ministry of starting churches...

14 churches and counting. Several have thrived and a few have languised. Contact us for the true stories and how to thrive!

"The single most effective method of evangelism known to man is planting new churches." C. Peter Wagner

Remarkable Research!

Religious Observance, Marriage and Family

Canadians who attend religious services every week report having happier, less stressful lives and happier relationships...

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